GRAPAS LatAm 2025

GRAPAS LatAm 2025 is the dedicated trade show and conference organised for the international flour processing industries. GRAPAS LatAm 2025 is co-located with VICTAM LatAm and GEAPS 2025.

What’s on show?

The GRAPAS event displays ancillary equipment that is found within a mill, but its main coverage is for specialist systems and technology used within rice & flour mills, together with additional exhibits for grain storage, preservation and transportation. The show also profiles noodle, breakfast cereals and extruded snack production. You can join the GRAPAS & Global Milling Conference to hear te latest from your industry! More information to follow.


“Wenger is pleased to be a founding member of VICTAM LatAm, and happy to host it in our Brazilian home state of São Paulo. The development of pet food and aqua feed in Latin America will no doubt place this region at the top of the world within the next decade. VICTAM LatAm is an example of the importance of these markets on the world stage. Únete a nosotros!  Junte-se a nós!”

Jesse Mitchell, Wenger